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Our one mission is to provide a one stop resource for local entertainment at the touch of your finger. Want to know what’s happening in your area? Welcome to What 2 Do.

Match Phone

Why Download The App?


Get directions to any event with the tap of a button (compatible with both Apple Maps and Google Maps services).


Never miss another event. Add any event to your phone's calendar and setup alerts to remind you when its time to leave.


Share an event you like with friends through text, email, or other social media.


Use keywords and hashtags to find an event, venue, or business easily with smart search.


Save events that interest you and save them to share or get directions to later.


Discover events for the family, for nightlife, or for many other categories.

"W2DO promotes tourism to the Evansville area. The app also helps increase retention and recruitment." - Missy L.

"I use W2DO daily, just to see what's going on in the city, it helps me with my job as a report to see where everyone is at." - John E.

"W2DO allows me to get out the house on the weekends, my problem was that I never knew what was going on. Now it's so easy to find out. Thanks W2DOteam !" -Ashley S.

"Never say there is nothing to do in Evansville again."

-Delisa Payne, Co-Founder of W2DO

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